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Jogging is a perfect exercise when you do it well



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Tips for jogging


Jogging is a perfect exercise when you do it well


Running boosts your fitness quickly : Running is an amazing exercise because it's cardiovascular, so it boosts your heart/lung fitness body fat-burning, therefore it helps you slim down and develops muscular strength, mainly in the legs.


In addition it'll improve your spirit as cardio exercise like running has been shown to become just like effective as antidepressants for dealing with mild to moderate depression.


It is so good for you that lots of GPs now 'prescribe' exercise for their patients. Research has proven that taking exercise somewhere eco-friendly and delightful, such as the park or countryside, includes an effective effect on stress, anxiety or depression.


Top Running tip


Off road is better. Evolution has designed the body to run - but not on hard surfaces as streets or park pathways jolt and jar your joints, resulting in repetitive strain injuries. Go out running early or late - not within the searing warmth if you are in a warm place or run in the summertime!


Jogging is good for your body


Try improving your cardiovascular health when  you run with beetroot, that is wealthy in heartboosting nitrate.


Jogging is ideal for the soul


Running on your own may also be better, as you can pick when to run suit your mood.


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