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Outdoor or open swimming tips



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Outdoor or open swimming tips


A desire to get back to nature has encouraged more and more of us to head outdoors for our swim. People like the freedom or swimming in the sea or in lakes ; no walls, no lanes and no chlorine (as weil as no traffic/lane rage of other swimmers!) The feeling of liberty is one that can't be replicated in a pool. ln summer the water is warmer, and  you don't require a wetsuit here in Spain therefore swimming is more comfortable and fun.


Top tips for starting swimming


Be secure and safe: Unfortunately tragic accidents happen in the water each year, so being serious about safety precautions is a must. Always make sure  you swim with someone else, or have someone who is keeping an eye on  you when  you swim in open water (either on shore or in a kayak/boat/canoe). Be careful not to swim too far out for  you to swim back; the water can be exhausting so err on the side of caution.


Good for the body


Swimming is soft on the joints: as the water is supporting  you at ail times, you're therefore much less likely to get an injury. Swimming outdoors has a further advantage because in colder temperatures  you burn calories faster!


Great for the soul


Swimming can offer great thinking time. When swimming outdoors, away from the hustle and bustle,  you can contemplate, reflect and make plans.


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