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Running helps you balance the body and the mind



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the : 14/05/2013

Tips for starting running


Running races such as marathons have never been so popular! In 2013, 35,000 runners embarked on the 42km of London Marathon.


And there are more and more running race types : there are marathons, 5kms races, 10Km races, half marathons and even "ultra" ones, including the "Marathon des Sables", where 300 competitors run over 251 km in six days across the Sahara, carrying all their provisions.


Running is good both for the body and for the mind


The obvious question is why do they do it. The race is mostly a question of mental, and it is one of its main interests.


Obviously, dancing lessons, or signing up for a fitness club will help you keep your body in shape. Obviously, doing laps in the swimming pool or practicing yoga will help you find your body balance. But the simple fact of running will help you develop both your mental skills and your body.


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